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Getting a home inspection is very important when you are buying a new home. Learn how it can save you from unknown future repairs.

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Are you building your new house? Make sure the construction work is done right and up to code for your peace of mind.

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Inspection FAQ’s

Get answers to all of your home inspection questions whether you are buying, selling or building a new home.

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Top Ten Defects

Top Ten Defects found in our home inspections based on over 50,000 Hawaii homes inspected from 1980 to 2012.

Electrical Double Tapping: Also called double-lugging. Two wires on one circuit breaker is not allowed unless approved by the manufacturer.

Garage/Attic Firewall: Most homes have unfinished termination of the firewall in the garage and attic space.

Roof: Loose shingles at the eave overhang is common, as well as cracked tiles, ponding and loose flashing.

Exterior Siding: Open joints, defective installation noted on hardboard siding and EIFS.

Termites: Although we do not inspect for termites, conducive conditions and damage is commonly found.

Garage Door Opener: Defective safety reversing mechanism and retracting insensitivity creates an unsafe condition.

Gas Water Heater: The water heater should be installed 18″ above the garage/carport floor to avoid a missile bomb waiting to go off.

Smoke Detectors: Many homes have smoke detectors with missing or dead batteries creating a false sense of security.

Oven/Range: Can the combination oven/range in the home you are selling tip over because the anti-tip bracket was not installed?

Building Code Violations: Many homes have improvements built with no permits and the work may have been completed by unlicensed contractors or “weekend warriors”.